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Director:  Christian Rousseau

Screenwriter:  Christian Rousseau

Genre:  Heist Thriller


An unnamed idealist with a laptop seizes a small suburban bank on a lazy Saturday afternoon — terror is not his M.O. but justice. “All of you are victims of the most corrupt bank in history and today is your bailout.”


Thus, begins a journey into the heart of the largest bank on the planet fraught with scandal and fraud. 2 million fake bank accounts created without the customer’s knowledge is just a drop in the ocean compared to the scandal brewing just beneath the surface.

The struggling single-mother bank teller, the college student with impending pressure of student loans, the ousted career bank manager, the hard-working restaurateur and his pregnant wife — ordinary people faced with the extraordinary opportunity to change their lives forever. All they have to do? Agree to go along with the mysterious “Robin Hood” plan and they walk away with millions.


Director: Mehul Shah 

Screenwriter:  Yolanda Avery

Genre:  Comedy

After losing all their retirement savings in a Ponzi scheme, five women band together to create a bakery serving pot desserts. Trying to recoup their pensions, they realize one of their own is struggling with cancer, and their quest for making money becomes more important and dangerous than ever, as the local drug dealer, Kingpin Paint, discovers what they are doing. 

Through it all, the nanas are bonded by their sisterhood and their desire to help their friend in need in this hilarious southern tale.

Nanas Secret Recipe 900x1285.jpg

Director:  Mehul Shah

Screenwriter:  Mehul Shah

Genre:  Musical/Dance


Raj, a lovable Indian guy, is a down on his luck dance choreographer.  Life doesn't seem to be going according to plan for him until he meets Jyoti, an attractive older woman who suggests for him to start a dance class for Indian women. 


Leery of the idea, Raj reluctantly accepts the proposal.   While unsuccessful at the start, Raj's class begins to grow with students like Laxmi, a housewife new to the country, Puja, an unenthused high school student who's grandmother, Vina is forcing her to come to class, and Vincent, a young gay teen who wants to dance regardless of his father's objections.  Through it all, the group manages to find friendship, love, understanding, and acceptance where they never thought to look.

Director: Mehul Shah 

Screenwriter:  Chris Bacon

Genre:  Romance


A random act of kindness makes a man late for his Valentine's Day date, but makes him a hero in his lover's eyes. This short film was part of the 50 Kisses competition happening in London, where various production companies around the world were asked to create their interpretation of 50 finalist screenplays.  


Our film was selected as the best of our script competition.

Director:  Mehul Shah

Screenwriter:  Mehul Shah

Genre:  Drama


This touching story follows the lives of three children, Anjali, a young English Literature major, her brother, Mihir, a medical student, and Priti, a young mother as they all come home during the time of Diwali, the Indian new year and celebration of lights. Each child is burdened with various dilemmas in their lives that they hide from one another and the rest of their family.


But on the eventful night of Diwali, all their secrets are exposed.  Will the children be brought together? The true meaning of family and friendship collide in this compelling film.

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