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Kinetik Films is an Austin based film production company specializing in turn-key productions.  


Our production company specializes in helping filmmakers fine tune and refine their script, and helps them develop their concept onto the silver screen, from inception to post-production.  


With links to top production houses in India, Kinetik Films offers a way to make the most of your film budget and the highest quality possible.  

Biography-Mehul Shah


Mehul Shah began his love for film as an actor in numerous plays and commercials. He then decided to study film at Southern Methodist University, graduating first in his class with a major in Cinema. Being impatient and wanting to direct his first film right after film school, Mehul wrote, produced, and directed a film called "Diwali," a feature film dealing with the struggle of three Indian children growing up in the United States.


The film sold to Netflix and Blockbuster immediately, a huge feat for a budding young writer/director. He then went on to write and direct  "Bollywood Beats," working with an award winning international cast and crew.


His other film credits include, "Tha Bridge" (Producer),  "Ticked Off Trannies with Knives" (Assistant Director), "Hold Your Peace" (Producer), "Tied Up" (Director), "Bug" (Producer), "Nana's Secret Recipe" (Director), & "No Loss // No Gain" (Associate Producer). He recently starred alongside Claire Danes in the hit TV show, "Homeland."


 Mehul owns and runs his own film production company, Kinetik Films LLC, which specializes in producing, shooting, and editing feature films and commercials in Austin, TX. 

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