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Director:  Mehul Shah

Producers: Mehul Shah & Mansi Patel

Screenwriter:  Yolanda Avery 

Genre:  Comedy

After losing all their retirement savings in a Ponzi scheme, five grandmas band together to create a bakery serving pot desserts. Trying to recoup their pensions, they realize one of their own is struggling with cancer, and their quest for making money becomes more important and dangerous than ever, as the local drug dealer, Kingpin Paint, discovers what they are doing. Through it all, the nanas are bonded by their sisterhood and their desire to help their friend in need in this hilarious southern tale.


Michael Bern


Jonathan Vallins

Shooting Begins:

May 2023


Director:  Mehul Shah

Screenwriter:  Mehul Shah

Genre:  Bollywood Musical/Comedy


The Singhs, a dysfunctional NRI family, are forced to move from their posh lifestyle in the U.S. back home to a rural city in Punjab.


Raj is a workaholic devoted to his struggling company, Vishwa Medical Group. Divya, his wife, is a bored housewife who's having an affair with Raj's business partner. Anita, their daughter, is a teenager without any goals and ambitions in life. Sachin, their youngest son, is constantly picked on for being overweight in school.


The family must leave their life of luxury and learn to live the simple life where different members of the close-knit town bring out the best of who they are. Will the Singhs re-connect as a family as they experience the simple life together?

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